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Come to Fox Hollow for survival training. We offer a comprehensive survival curriculum. Our school, located on 57 acres in McNairy County, Tennessee, provides expert training from military survival instructors who have actually tried and tested the methods and techniques that you will be taught. Our courses include instruction, demonstration and hands-on practical application in all the major disciplines of wilderness survival. We teach modern survival methods using some of the newest and most reliable equipment available as well as improvised methods for those times where you are caught unprepared. See what our students have to say.

We are excited to offer our alumni the opportunity to return and repeat any previously attended course as many times as they like for only $100 per class so long as seats are available! (Returning students will need to bring their own training materials from the previous class, no special give-aways apply, this offer may not be used in conjunction with any other special offer, includes training, tent camping (cabin if available) and meals as indicated for each course.)

Courses Offered:

Schedule one of these classes for your group of five or more!

Wilderness Survival
Wilderness Emergency Medicine
Wilderness Survival

*Combination of S-102 and S-191
$600 S-411:
SOLO Wilderness First Responder
Survival Basics
SOLO Wilderness First Aid


Temperate SURVIVEX
*Prerequisite: S-102


Tactical Medical Care

(coming soon!)

Foraging Wild Edible Plants
$150 S-405:
Wild-crafting Medicinal Plants
(coming soon!)

Wilderness Land Navigation
Tactical Survival
Wilderness Land Navigation

*Combination of S-202 and S-203
$600 S-301:
Tactical Survival Basics

*Combination of S-302 and S-303
Map & Compass Navigation
$450 S-302:
Camouflage & Concealment
GPS Navigation
*Prerequisite: S-202
$300 S-303:
Individual & Small Unit Movement

*Prerequisite: S-302
$300 S-311:
Covert Tactical

*Combination of S-312 and S-313
Land Navigation

*Prerequisites: S-201 or S-202
$150 S-312:
Evasion Movement
Reconnaissance & Surveillance

*Prerequisite: S-312

Crescent moon symbol indicates late afternoon / evening classes.
Icon indicates force-on-force training with soft air weapons. Must be 18 years of age.

2015 Course Schedule:
Crescent moon symbol indicates late afternoon or night training. Courses run during the hours of darkness will be indicated with the word "night" in the course title.

March (Spring Class)
Host your own group course Host your own group course 13-17 MAR 15: S201 (Wilderness Land Navigation)
    13-15 MAR 15: S202 (Map & Compass Navigation)
    16-17 MAR 15: S203 (GPS Navigation)

May (Spring Class)
Host your own group course 22-26 MAY 15: S101 (Wilderness Survival) Host your own group course
  22-24 MAY 15: S102 (Survival Basics)  
  25-26 MAY 15: S191 (SURVIVEX)  

September (Fall Class)
Host your own group course Host your own group course 04-08 SEP 15: Survival 101 (Wilderness Survival)
    04-06 SEP 15: Survival 102 (Survival Basics)
    07-08 SEP 15: Survival 191 (SURVIVEX)

October (Fall Class)
09-13 OCT 15: S201 (Wilderness Land Navigation) Host your own group course Host your own group course
09-11 OCT 15: S202 (Map & Compass Navigation)    
12-13 OCT 15: S203(GPS Navigation)    


Custom Training, Rescheduling and Refunds

Special pricing available for Youth Groups and Government Agencies. Ask us about special class dates and rates for groups of 5 or more or about bringing the school to your group. All classes may be scheduled upon request and conducted at our facility. There is a 50% non-refundable scheduling deposit that is applied to tuition. Balance must be paid two weeks prior to class or simply pay in full with your registration. If rescheduling becomes necessary we will be happy to work with you; your payments will be applied to future training (with this option you don't loose the deposit.) It is your responsibility to confirm or reschedule! Requests for rescheduling must be received no later than two weeks prior to course start date at which time services are considered to have been rendered and your seat is confirmed (we can't fill vacated seats on that short a notice.) In such cases your seat is transferable if you can find someone to attend in your place, so long as they qualify for attendance. Primitive camping sites are available at our facility at no additional charge. Each day is approximately 6 to 10 hours of instruction and hands-on application depending on the course being taken. Fees are per student.

Scheduled classes are subject to availability. Dates may change and / or classes may be cancelled at the discretion of Fox Kits. All efforts will be made to confirm classes no later than one month prior. Any deposits on classes that are cancelled or rescheduled by the company will be applied to training at a later date or fully refunded at the customers request. Fox Kits is not responsible for any loss or penalty of travel expenses or wages due to rescheduling or cancellations.

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