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Wilderness Survival School Student Comments:

  • "Instructor knowledgable and able to deliver."
    -Vic T.
  • I would "definitely" refer a friend.
    -Linda B.
  • " I feel far better prepared for an emergency... thorough and professional."
    -Valerie F.
  • "If it gets much better, you'll have to add more days to the course!" I really liked, "the topics covered that other schools that I have attended overlooked." Bobby P.
  • I liked, "the breakdown of what was really needed when faced with a crisis." Jarvis S.

Survival Kit Testimonials:

  • The Icarus Survival Kit, "is our top pick for the best-value...light and small enough for easy egress...we thought the Icarus from Fox Kits...represented the best size/weight/equipment compromise and thus is the best value in a serious survival kit." The Aviation Consumer, March 2006 Read the beginning of Ben Barnard's article...

  • "During a recent Department of Fish & Game sponsored hunter survival clinic, I conducted an open comparison between the Fox Kits Day Hiker survival kit and six other mail order kits. Using the students in the class as my gauge we compared all components of the kits considering each of the following basic survival skill requirements:

Fire starting
First Aid

Day Hiker Kit
Woodsman Kit
Our response to Paul's feedback!

Size of the kit, weight, and completeness were prime considerations. We found that across the board the Fox Kit was more complete and contained individual items of superior quality. It was obvious that this kit was put together by someone knowledgeable in wilderness survival who knew what would really work under difficult conditions. Each of the five survival skill requirements could be easily met using the kit contents. Each of the 17 students in the class agreed that the Fox Kit would be their choice when purchasing a kit to bet their lives on. As for me, with minor personal changes, I plan on making the Fox Kit survival kit my personal carry kit during all of my wilderness adventures."

Paul Turpin
Master Sergeant (Ret), US Army Special Forces

Note: Paul is a volunteer hunter safety instructor for the California Department of Fish & Game, he currently serves as a law enforcement officer and retired from the US Army Special Forces as a Master Sergeant. Fox Kits is using the comments from Paul and his class to offer an upgrade option to the Day Hiker kit called the Woodsman, adjusting for those "minor personal changes" that Paul is making for those who find themselves in a more rugged environment and rely more heavily on their equipment. The original kit design will still be offered to those who don't venture too far from civilization and are more concerned with price.
  • "This worked out so great that I want to order another. Thanks again for the great service and great product." Caleb Taylor, Professional Certified Flight Instructor ProFlight
  • "I'm impressed with the attention to detail that you gave me and you should be commended for your customer service. It's nice to see there are still folks out there that care. Furthermore, I have reviewed the contents of my custom kit and found everything in order and neatly packaged. Job well done!
    Ken B., Search & Rescue Volunteer
  • "Thanks you guys have been very user friendly, and a great support." SFC Nick U., US Army Special Forces
  • "Got the kits and they're great." Bruce D., Helicopter Captain, Lockheed Martin
  • "I got it and it's wonderful, thank you so much!!!! My Dad LOVES it and takes it with him on every major hike." Carol M.
  • "Great product, solves a lot of issues I had in OIF 3." SGT Cavoretto, NY ARNG Aviation Life Support Tech
  • "I received the order today and it looks great. I really appreciate all the effort you have put into this. I will gladly refer friends and family to your site, and I anticipate buying one of your kits in the near future." Tyler B.

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