Fox Kits Wilderness Survival Kits


Mountain Bikers
Forest Rangers
Park Rangers

A great temperate climate basic kit for hunters, hikers, and other outdoorsmen. Includes over 50 items in the signal, PFE, water, food, fire, navigation, medical and special categories. Good equipment with consideration to those on a tight budget with limited space and weight allowances.


General Aviation Pilots
Commercial Aviation Pilots
Corporate Aviation Pilots
Flight Schools

It's finally here! Built for pilots in general, commercial and corporate aviation. Unique modular design allows you to select the environment you fly over and the number of persons you need to equip. Rated "Best Value" by Aviation Consumer Magazine!

TASK-D™ (Tactical Aircraft Survival Kit™ - Desert)

Military Tactical Aviation
Rotory & Fixed Wing
Military Ground Convoys

Designed in conjunction with Army Assault & Attack Aviation Life Support and Tactical Operations Officers, this survival kit is a grab-and-go alternative to the bulky AMSS kit previously found in helicopters Army wide. Designed primarily for the desert environment it comes with a 100 oz. hydration system and water purification so you can drink from most any water source on the move! Space to spare negates the need for an additional "go bag." Completely modular design for varying environments and number of personnel - this kit is up to the TASK!

Tactical Trauma Aid Kit

Military Special Operations
Military Combat Arms
Law Enforcement
Tactical Medics
Range Masters

When a first aid kit just doesn't cut it. This rugged kit is loaded with the things you need to stop serious arterial bleeding, bullet wounds and burns. A must for military and law enforcement - not a bad idea for hunters who have to worry about stray bullets and idiots who think YOU are the trophy!


Serious Outdoorsmen
Avid Hunters
Long-haul Hikers
Aggressive Mountain Bikers
Forest Rangers
Park Rangers

You asked for it! When your life is at stake you want the best equipment money can buy. This is a more rugged upgrade to the Hunter-Hiker Kit for those who venture into harsh environments and do it often. Many items have been upgraded and still more added and they come in a tough little Escape & Evasion Pouch.

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